Love that once hung on the wall used to mean something, but now it means nothing. The echoes are gone in the hall but I still remember the pain of december. Oh, there isn't one thing left you could say I'm sorry is too late.

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Avril Lavigne’s concert in Wantagh, NY (x)

This is who we are. I don’t think we’ll ever change.

Let’s play truth or dare now. We can roll around in our underwear. How every silly kitty should be. Come come Kitty Kitty. You’re so pretty pretty… ♫

Cute quotes of Avril (x)

Avril Lavigne - Singles ♥

When people come to a concert, they wanna hear the hits, the big radio songs, and they wanna hear them how they’re used to hearing them. I like playing them how they were recorded.

PhotoshootsWild Rose Fragance, 2011.

Hello Heartache -live 30.04.14 x